Our positivity vision

Now more than ever our individual mindset is being amplified. GETÅHEAD enables athletes to be as mentally strong as they are physically. When you take control of your thoughts, your actions and habits will follow. Think positivity, live positivity and share positivity.


Control anxiety

Identify and choose the words that work for you and not against you. The situation we are in doesn't lead to anxiety, the interpretation we give it does. Take control of this and find positivity in all environments

Increase confidence

Become your own supportive coach by highlighting your strengths and opportunities. Ensuring your accomplishments are readily available makes the elite who they are

Trigger automatic execution

Prime anticipated actions with clear instructions. The more we confirm our gameplan the more likely it will happen the way we want it to

Maximise performance

Layer your dialogue with reminders of what motivates you. Your individual reasons to be great are easy to carry, make sure you have them with you

Your personal mindset trainer

This is your space to train. And we're here to keep your information safe. Your privacy is very important to us, which is why we backup and encrypt your journals so you can rest easy knowing your entries are secure behind our firewall.
Start your training with 3 simple steps:


Ask yourself this question. Do I believe in my abilities to succeed today? Use the scoring wheel to provide a measured answer. The key here is honesty, this way you can reveal opportunities for progress

100 Words

Each day provides a new blank page. Whilst some people wait to be told they are great, other people tell themselves. The journal is your opportunity to set a clear intention to maximise your day in 100 words


This isn't about being perfect, this is about continual development. Our greatest competitor is ourself and the tracker allows us to think better than yesterday

Be part of our journey

We believe in forging positive mindsets through sport and exercise. To do that, we're going to need your support!

We're looking for 200 positive athletes of all levels to support us in creating GETÅHEAD.

The more you train your mind, the stronger we'll become...

Journal entries

We'll provide some tips on writing a positive daily journal that are strongly supported by research from sport and exercise psychology

Journal entries

You’ll become a GETÅHEAD associate member & we’ll invite you to join our mission to have an impact on the self belief of every athlete.

Journal entries

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